Doty Plastering did a big job for us - removing old stucco, replacing several windows, installing new insulation, plywood, new stucco and trims. I have no complains, everything was excellent. The job was done absolutely according to the initial schedule and budget. Contractors were friendly and careful (I am so grateful they didn't damage my vegetables garden). Perfect communications (via email only as I requested). Definitely 5-stars. Thank you!

Luba D.

San Ramon, CA

Overall grade is 4.5 and the breakdown is as follows (work done was removing old wood trim, removing and reinstalling windows, and applying new stucco to match existing walls):

1) Sheldon - founder and co-owner.  Sheldon was exactly on time for the estimate appointment and did not disappoint from that point on.  He was punctual, professional and knowledgeable.  He was responsive to my questions and displayed a great working knowledge of his trade.  Highly recommended.

2)  The crew - really friendly and did an outstanding job with matching the new stucco to our existing walls.  I have received compliments from several other unrelated contractors on the finished work.  At times they were not able to properly answer some of my concerns, but that's when Sheldon came through.

3) Area for improvement - I really wished that the crew was more thorough with their clean up.  After I had time to get a look at a landscaping around the work area I found chunks of stucco in the flower beds and several nails on the driveway.  The one part that bugged me the most was the powder residue from the stucco that stained the roofing tiles.  I thought it would come off with a quick rinse but it did not.  Luckily my painting contractor was great and did a power rinse and even hand scrubbed the residue off.

Rick T.

Los Altos, CA

I found Doty Plastering on Yelp, and was impressed with all the good reviews. The short version of my own review: definitely 5-stars! The owner, Sheldon Doty, came over to give an estimate (appointment one) and I was impressed with his prompt arrival and impressive knowledge. He's obviously been in the business a long time and knows a lot. He urged us to do a "destructive test" to determine where water was leaking into our stucco, which entailed removing some stucco around the suspect window, and applying water above that window and above another window on the second floor. Others had just guessed based on eyeballing the situation. Their test (appointment two) showed that the flashing around our transom window on the ground floor was of poor quality and applied badly. Instead of doing a fix just of the flashing at the top of the transom window as others had recommended, they advised taking out the window and reflashing all around. For this test, the crew arrived just when they said they would. Sheldon Doty's estimate for the more extensive job was actually less than other bids to do a partial fix. The repair (appointment three) happened today, and again the crew was right on time, did a great job, and cleaned up well before leaving. We had to pay extra for the testing, but it was well worth it, since I feel confident the leak has been fixed.

Sherry S.

Mountain View, CA

Doty Plastering and Drywall - the Best and Honest contractor indeed!!! Not only Sheldon and his people done superior work to finish our stucco for entire house rebuild after fire loss but also took care problems left by previous stucco contractor and all for reasonable price! Thank You very much - Doty Plastering and Drywall!!!

Alex K.

Campbell, CA

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